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by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA

2O6-786-ll23          [email protected]  

Click here for Drop off Instructions

Binding Service

Binding Strip - Measure the outside edge of your quilt top.  Binding strip should be this length plus 15".  See fabric required below.

Cut strips 2 1/4" to 2 1/2".  (Lofty batting, or backing that is fluffy like minky should be cut at 2 1/2".)  Seam together and press in half.  

Sewing service is available for this as well.  See pricing on the Form.

Fabric needed for binding

Measure linear inches of the Quilt Top

(Quilt Top Width + Length) x 2 = Total Linear Inches

Add 15" for seaming the tails together on the finished quilt.

132" requires 1/4 yard

202" requires 3/8 yard

272" requires 1/2 yard

342" requires 5/8 yard

412" requires 3/4 yard

482" requires 7/8 yard

552" requires 1 yard

Sewing Service

Prices are listed on the Longarm Quilting Form

  • Sew quilt backing pieces together.
  • Prepare binding strips.
  • Sew a quilt hanging sleeve.
  • Piecing a quilt top (call for pricing)
  • Embroidered quilt label