by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA

Home-bound (handicapped or disabled), or over 80 years old?

Free pickup and drop off within 15 miles of Bothell.

Quilt Drop off Instructions

Please wear a mask

1. Print off the form and complete prior to drop off.  If you need a consultation, please call prior to appointment time.

2. Quilt Backing and Batting must be larger than the quilt top (add an additional 4" to each of the 4 sides of back and batting only.)

3. Mark the top center of the top and back with a pin or note.

4. Call, text 206-786-1123 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Note:  Indicate on your form if you like the quilting to be small, medium, or large.

Feathers and Swirls

Quilting service is charged by the square inch measurement of the quilt top.

i.e., (Width x Length) x pattern price.

Example: Quilt Top measures 50" x 60" = 3000 square inches.

Cost for a 3 Cent Pattern is (3000 x .03) = $90

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