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by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA


[email protected]  

Current Turnaround Time - 4 weeks

Click here for Drop off Instructions

     If you are over 80, handicapped, or

    home-bound, please contact me for

               additional information.

Quilting Form

Some pricing is not included on the form and is an additional fee.


Add a border - $30 ($40 for quilts 6000 square inches).

Each Additional border $20 ($30 for quilts over 6000 square inches).

Pricing includes stich in the ditch around straight border edges.

New Pattern

If you would request a new pattern that I don't yet carry, the fee will be the cost of the pattern, which is listed on all websites (See Pricing & Info and look for "Stitching Patterns"

Additional Information

I have been in business for over ten years.  By submitting your quilt to me, you are trusting that I will use my best judgment and do my best work.

Soft fabric can be "fluid".   Occasionally, a quilt top will not be completely square, or the borders may not lay completely flat.  In these cases I am forced to minimize these issues so that your quilt looks "perfect".  I may have to ease in a bit of fullness.  I have taken many classes to learn how to do this and I do my best to make these imperfections "invisible". 

Concerning the Quilt Back--borders or a pieced Quilt Back is not recommended, as these cannot be perfectly lined up with the Quilt Top.