by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA

Home-bound (handicapped or disabled), or over 80 years old?

Free pickup and drop off within 15 miles of Bothell.

Quilt Drop off Instructions

Please wear a mask

1. Print off the form and complete prior to drop off.  If you need a consultation, please call prior to appointment time.

2. Quilt Backing and Batting must be larger than the quilt top (add an additional 4" to each of the 4 sides of back and batting only.)

3. Mark the top center of the top and back with a pin or note.

4. Call, text 206-786-1123 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Note:  Indicate on your form if you like the quilting to be small, medium, or large.

Holiday & Hearts

Quilting service is charged by the square inch measurement of the quilt top.

i.e., (Width x Length) x pattern price.

Example: Quilt Top measures 50" x 60" = 3000 square inches.

Cost for a 3 Cent Pattern is (3000 x .03) = $90


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St. Patrick's Day

Shamrock 3 Cents


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