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i Longarm Quilt

by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA


[email protected]    

Drop off Instructions

Drop off Instructions (Please wear a mask)

1.     Print off the new 2021 FORM here and complete prior to drop off.  If you need a consultation, please call prior to appointment time.

2.     Quilt Backing and Batting must be larger than the quilt top (add an additional 4" to each of the 4 sides of back and batting.)

3.     Mark the top of your quilt top and back, please mark the top of each piece with a pin or note.

4.     If you have a full stamp card to receive $20 Off, it should be submitted with the form at drop off.

5.     Call, text 2O6-786-ll23 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

NOTE:      If using Minky or store-bought blanket or sheet as backing:

                   There can be static in these products that affect the functioning of my machine.  Static needs to be removed.

                       - RINSE and use a generous amount of Fabric Softener until there is no static.

                       - TRIM off all hemmed edges of any store-bought items, as these can edges can cause uneven feed.

Quilting Service is charged by the total square inches of the quilt top

All patterns (except Custom/Specialty) are 3.5 Cents/Square Inch

Sample  (Width x Length) x .035 = $Cost

50" x 60" = 3000 square inches.

3000 x .035 = $105

Special Note: The quilt Back & Batting must be larger than the quilt top.  

Add an additional 4" to each of the 4 sides on the back and batting.

Edge-to-edge patterns

3.5 to 5 Cents/Square Inch

(Borders additional)

Choose from these Categories:


Beginning at 15

Cents/Square Inch,

Click here to view samples of Custom Quilts.

All pieces (quilt top, back, and batting) should be clean and free of pet smells and dander. If there are strong pet smells on your quilt pieces, gently wash prior to appointment. No vulgar words or pictures on the quilt pieces will be accepted.

Quilt Preparation

  • Do not baste any of the layers together.
  • It is preferred that you not cut scallop borders. You may mark the scallops and cut them after the quilt is returned to you.

Quilt Top

  • For the best results, press seams as flat as possible.  (I will press out fold lines, but I do not heavily press your quilt pieces)
  • Indicate the top of the quilt top and backing with a safety pin or note.

Quilt Backing and Batting

  • Backing and Batting measurements need to be larger than the Quilt Top, (8" wider and 8" longer                                     Example: Quilt top is 50" x 60", then backing and batting should be 58" x 68"
  • Indicate the top orientation of the backing with a safety pin.
  • The backing should be even and straight as much as possible.
  • You may bring your own batting, or purchase from a variety listed on my Batting Page here.
  • If packaged batting needs to be trimmed, that will be done free of charge. (All trimmings will be returned with your quilt.)

Binding Service

Measure your quilt top [(Length+Width) x 2] + 15" = Total Linear Inches

     25 Cents/Inch - Attach only

     50 Cents/Inch - Attach and finish with machine

     75 Cents/Inch - Attach and finish by hand

     Collage quilts, scallop edge or any other non-straight edge quilts

     50 Cents/Inch - Attach only

     75 Cents/Inch - Attach and finish with machine

     1.00/inch - Attach and finish by hand

Fabric needed for binding

  • 132" requires 1/4 yard
  • 202" requires 3/8 yard
  • 272" requires 1/2 yard
  • 342" requires 5/8 yard
  • 412" requires 3/4 yard
  • 482" requires 7/8 yard
  • 552" requires 1 yard

Standard Mattress Measurements (Width x Length)

28" x 52" Crib

39" x 75" Standard Bunk

39" x 75" Twin

36" x 80" Twin Long

54" x 75" Full

60" x 80" Queen

78" x 80" King

72" x 84" California King

Quilt Short Drop Finished Measurements (Width x Length)

75" x 98" Twin

72" x 103" Twin Long

83" x 106" Full

90" x 106" Queen

107" x 108" King

101" x 108" California King


Can't find a Quilting Pattern on my site that fits your quilt? Check out these websites and let me know what pattern you would like for your quilt. Please send me an email with the name of the website and name of the pattern.   (Extra fee is for cost of pattern mark-up.)  

Spray starch or Sizing gives incredible results! It helps control fabric while cutting, sewing, and pressing. If you have trouble with wavy borders, uneven blocks, bias cuts, or just want a truly 'perfect' result...use starch or sizing.

When piecing your quilt back, cut off the salvage edges in the seam area. Salvage edges have a much tighter weave and can cause puckering if left in the quilt.

Darker stray threads can appear beneath lighter-colored fabric in the quilting process. Pinking the edges helps as well as extra starch or sizing.

Backing Fabric -- Using a store-bought blanket or minky? If there is static it will affect my machine.  Please rinse and use fabric softener to eliminate static (avoiding sparks around the longarm machine). Also, trim off all hem on all sides of the blanket (avoiding uneven feed). You may use a store-bought sheet; however, they are tightly woven and will have occasional skipped stitches. Trim off all hemmed edges.

Pinking Rotary Blade

Colleen uses a 'pinking' blade every time she cuts her fabric. I'm amazed that there are no stray threads on the back of her quilt top! If you want to eliminate those pesky stray threads on the back of your quilt top, try a pinking blade. Thank you, Colleen, for that tip!