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i Longarm Quilt

Professional Quilting Service

by Karen King, Bothell/Mill Creek WA

2O6-786-ll23          [email protected]  

Drop Off Instructions


Quilting Service

Pricing is based on the square inches of the quilt top.

Length x width = square inches

All edge-to-edge designs are 3.5 Cents/Square Inch

Sample quilt:  60" wide x 80" long = 4800 square inches

 4800 square inches x .035 = $168


Add a different design on one border $30 ($40 for quilts 6000+ square inches).

Each additional border design $20 ($30 for quilts 6000+ square inches).

New Design Pattern​

If you can't find a pattern you like, you may request a new pattern!  The fee is only the cost of the pattern.  Do not purchase the pattern from the website.  Write on your form the name of the pattern and the website where it is located. 

Below is a list of websites that carry digital longarm quilting design patterns.  

Look for "edge to edge" or "pantograph" patterns.


Payment is due at the time of pick up.

Accepting the following forms of payment:

  • No fee - check, cash, Zelle (#2O6-786-II23)
  • Credit/debit card (3.5% merchant fee)
  • Venmo (Karen-King-93) (2% merchant fee)
  • PayPal ([email protected]) (3.5% merchant fee)

Drop Off Instructions

Please follow these stops to drop off your quilt for service, by appointment only, Monday through Saturday.

1.     Download, print, and complete the New form prior to drop off.

        If you require a consultation, please call prior to your appointment 2O6-786-II23.

2.     Quilt Backing and Batting must be larger than the quilt top.

        Add an additional 4" to each of the 4 sides of back and batting.

                   (i.e. If your quilt top is 60" x 80", your backing & batting should be 68" x 88")

3.     Mark the top orientation of both the quilt top and quilt back with a pin or note.

4.     If you have a full stamp card, it should be submitted with the form at drop off.

5.     Call, text 2O6-786-ll23 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.


Backing and Batting should be as even and straight as possible.

If you pre-wash your quilt back fabric, re-measure the back to verify that you have 4" extra on each of the 4 sides.  Flannel especially can shrink to a size that is too small for the quilt top.

Quilt Back borders, pieced blocksas well as some plaids and strips are gladly accepted; however, these cannot always be perfectly lined up with the quilt top.

Minky or store-bought blanket or sheet - Please remove static with a spray-on fabric softener or other means.  (Static can affect the computerized longarm machine).  Store-bought blanket or sheet needs to have the hem removed on all sides.  Sheets are very tight woven and will have an occasional skipped stitch.

Backing & Batting must be larger than the Quilt Top.  

Add 4 inches to each of the 4 sides of both Backing and Batting.

Example:  Quilt Top 50" wide x 60" long

                 Quilt Back & Batting should measure 58" wide x 68" long

If packaged batting is significantly larger than the quilt top, it will be trimmed at the time of quilting and all pieces will be returned with the quilt. *

Batting - you may bring your own or you can check my pricing here.

*NOTE: PELLON packaged batting has been 2" to 4" smaller than the noted size on the printed package. If you have already purchased and will be submitting at drop off, please open the package and double-check the dimensions prior to your appointment.

Tips for the

best results

Pet hair and Strong pet odors should be removed prior to drop off.  Gently hand wash if pet odor is strong.  Thank you :-)

No vulgar words or pictures on quilt pieces will be accepted.

Spray starch or sizing gives incredible results!  It helps control fabric while cutting, sewing and pressing.  If the quilt top has wavy borders, uneven blocks or cuts are on the bias, starch or sizing prior to cutting and sewing can help with these issues.

Cut off the salvage edges when piecing the Quilt Back.  Salvage edges have a tighter weave and can feed unevenly on the quilting frame.  Finished results are better with these removed.

Tame Stray Threads that occur during piecing by using a pinking rotary blade.  (Thank you, Colleen, for that tip!)  Starch may also help.

Quilt Size Chart

                                        Comforter             Bedspread

Twin (38x75)                     75" x 98"                     80" x 108"

Long Twin (38x80)            72" x 103"                   80" x 113"

Double/Full (54x80)          83" x 106"                   96" x 113"

Queen (60x80)                 90" x 106"                   102" x 113"

King (76x80)                    107" x 108"                  118" x 113"

Cal King (74x84)              101" x 108"                  114" x 117"

Digital Longarm Designs

If you cannot find a pattern you like, you may request a new pattern!

The fee is only the cost of the pattern.  (Do not purchase the pattern from the website.)  

Write on your form the name of the pattern and the website where it is located.

Look for "edge to edge" or "pantograph" patterns.

Anne Bright Designs

Intelligent Quilting

It's a Quilt Thing

Quilts Complete

Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio

The Quilters Quilter

Urban Elementz

Wasatch Quilting